Operations of USAV are largely based on trust and commitment to do the right things. While we have some formal agreements and procedures, “professionalism among friends” is a better description of how we operate. We have developed this code of conduct because we are a broad and diverse group. As members of USAV we commit to uphold the highest standards of ethical conduct. This code summarizes our commitments to each other and our Partners. It is not necessarily exhaustive. Rather, it is intended to document key principals that extend far beyond these brief elements.

With Each Other

We will treat fellow USAV members with respect by:

  1. Returning communications promptly—generally targeting within twenty four hours,
  2. Charging each other fairly for products and services—see guidelines below, and
  3. Making communications meaningful, observing e-mail and voice mail etiquette. Avoid e-mail “spam” by addressing communications only to those who have a reasonable interest in the communication.
  4. Working issues with other team members directly with that individual—no “triangulation” or back channel gossip.

Maintain confidentiality:

  1. Honor the Confidentiality Agreement you signed when joining USAV—it is still fully operative.
  2. PMP pricing to USAV is for use within USAV only.
  3. Bid parameters and pricing are confidential within the parameters of the job. Sometimes this includes restrictions among USAV Integrators. Honor the commitments you have made.

With Our Preferred Manufacturing Partners

We will treat our PMPs with respect, recognizing that they are vital partners to our group, by:

  1. Maintaining confidentiality of their programs within USAV,
  2. Accepting meetings with PMP representatives based on reasonable advanced notice and scheduling,
  3. Showing up at meetings with the right people and treating attendees courteously,
  4. Making reasonable efforts to understand our PMPs’ products and services, and
  5. Making reasonable efforts to sell and switch volume to our PMPs’ products and services.

With Our Customers

We will tread bids and proposals with confidentiality.

We will seek to present USAV in the best possible light, affirming our fellow Integrators.

We will not ever share bids or pricing in anticompetitive ways. Such sharing is wrong and it can be illegal. USAV negotiates favorable volume prices from PMPs that apply to all. In addition we act as a best practices group of senior executives. It is against USAV’s policies, guidelines, and code of conduct to share bid pricing (aggregated or component) with anyone who is competing or might compete on that project.

With USAV, Corporate

Reporting of monthly ProAV purchases to USAV is a contractual requirement. No PMP payments (VIR, COOP, etc.) will be remitted to an Integrator who does not fulfill this commitment until such commitment is fulfilled.