What’s in it for Me? NDP for USAV

The National Deployment Program (NDP) is a benefit provided by PSA that gives USAV and PSA members access to a database of participating member companies and allows for joining forces in delivering audio/visual and security solutions on a national level. This tool offers search capabilities to members who have needs that may fall outside normal operational capabilities. Recently, the NDP platform underwent a major upgrade to give members like you additional advantages.

Connecting Technology Solutions Providers

Having both USAV and PSA participants in the NDP program is a great way to connect the two technology solutions providers. With a growing number of projects built on similar low-voltage platforms, the foundation for industry crossover is firmly set. Being able to offer those end users a “one-stop-shop” for a project involving both AV and security components provides you with a competitive edge over other integrators.

In a recent article published by SDM Magazine, PSA and USAV provided some examples of projects that incorporate both security and AV offerings. One example is mass communication.

“Mass communications are systems that are used to convey important information to large groups of people over a central and unified structure. This can include tornado sirens, fire alarms, active shooter alerts, other critical/life safety messaging or general information delivery… Systems could include audio paging, digital signage and email or text/SMS messaging… Education, healthcare, government, corporate and retail all have a need for mass communication systems. Depending on the system design, one or several vendors may be needed to complete the project. Many times, these systems are dual purpose and allow for background music and mass communication to be used in the same design.“ – Tim Brooks (PSA) and Patrick Whipkey (USAV), “Top 3 Questions Security Integrators Should Ask Before Jumping Into Commercial Audio,” SDM Magazine.

Access to a Nationwide Network of Technology Solutions Providers

Systems integrators who participate in the NDP program are prequalified by PSA. Upon signing up, participants must provide an accurate and current picture of the company’s capabilities. This description is important because the more specific and thorough your profile, the more connections (i.e. potential job opportunities) you will qualify for.

The NDP database enables you to search for other NDP participants to prequalify, select and engage with. This means you can acquire new projects, both on a national and local level, that you otherwise may not have had access to, develop associations with big name clients and build profitable relationships with other PSA and USAV members.

Collaboration and Best Practices

PSA provides a library of documents, processes and best practices to enable NDP participants. The library offers field-proven system integration processes specific to national deployments with topics ranging from design control to project implementation and subcontractor qualification review.  Collaborating with other leading systems integrators on projects can boost project success and help shorten the learning curve when entering new markets.

Ability to Specify Criteria

The NDP database gives participants the ability to search for partners based on training, licenses, certifications, location, business management style and more. Provide your requirements and the database will compile a list of integrators meeting your criteria as well as mapping capabilities so you can show clients your local presence and the strength of your network – a value added tool to help close deals!

For more information about NDP, attend our webinar on October 8, 2019 at 11:00 AM MDT  or visit: https://www.psasecurity.com/ndp.

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