Meet USAV: Katie Blough

During the months of August and September, we will uncover some interesting facts about each person on the USAV team.

Katie Blough, Project Manager,  joined the PSA/USAV team in October 2018. She started her professional career in IT support then moved to QA engineer and eventually project management. She manages the behind the scenes projects for USAV including making the USAV website a friendlier place and analyzing new ventures in the world of collaboration. You will see her attending events to help move things along smoothly and listen in on visions from our dealers, PMPs/PSPs and manufacturers.  She is currently completing her PMP certification to add to her project management certification from CU Boulder. She spends her time outside of the office with her family hiking, taking trips to the mountains and national parks and exploring the wide-range of Colorado breweries.

Acid wash denim or wind suit? Acid wash jeans – wind suits impede my stealthiness.

Favorite karaoke song? I have never done karaoke and never will. No one needs to hear that.

Slice of pickle or slice of pizza? Slice of pickle on a slice of pizza – if you haven’t put pickles on your pizza, have you really lived?

Audio or video? Audio – going to a concert and hearing live music through speakers is the best.

Seriously funny or foolish wisdom? Just glue it back together. Your parents will never notice.

What A/V Technology do you predict will be all the rage in 10 years? Virtual reality headsets being used by designers with their clients to give a 3D presentation to view changes being made to their spaces.

Who is the most influential person in your life? Jesus.

AV or IT? IT – I have a soft spot for IT, it’s what led me here in my career path.

70V or low impedance? 70V – for the higher output

Whiteboard or blackboard? Whiteboard – the sound of chalk or the eraser on a blackboard is the bane of my existence.

Acoustic or electric? Acoustic. Because – Eric Clapton.