Meet USAV: Chris Salazar-Mangrum

During the months of August and September, we will uncover some interesting facts about each person on the USAV team.

Chris Salazar-Mangrum, VP of USAV, has been apart of the USAV team since January 2018. Prior to that, he worked with PSA managing all IT programs and project management for the company. Chris brings more than 15 years of experience in managing enterprise-level projects and multi-million dollar operations to the table which allows him to successfully manage relationships with USAV vendors, partners and integrators. He holds an MBA from the University of Colorado and a PMP Certification from the Project Management Institute. His most valued award from PSA is the 2016 Chili Cook-off Winner, yet we still think the contest was hacked. He is blessed by his wife, Michelle, daughters Mia and Charlotte and son Kingston. He spends countless hours at the baseball field coaching youth teams.

My family (Left to right): Kingston, Mia, Charlotte, Michelle

Acid wash denim or wind suit? That’s a tough one. I would rock the acid wash denim only if they were tight-rolled at the ankles and on my way to an arcade. The wind suit would be my go-to if I was on my way to a break-dancing battle. Those two scenarios describe some moments of my youth.

Favorite karaoke song? My first Karaoke song was “Paradise City” but that was super complex. Nowadays I stick with “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Slice of pickle or slice of pizza? Slice of pizza since more food groups are covered.

Audio or video? I love them both and am very grateful to have the ability to experience both. I have horrible vision so thankfully I can experience video, but I do love clean audio.

Seriously funny or foolish wisdom? I married my cousin. She asked me to officiate her wedding, and they are still married 11 years later.

What A/V Technology do you predict will be all the rage in 10 years? Life-sized 3D hologram videoconferencing.

Paul, my Gramps, the Legend

Who is the most influential person in your life? My grandfather, Paul. He taught me patience, acceptance and the world is full of limitless possibilities.

AV or IT? Yes please. I love that the connected worlds are converging to take both experiences to new levels.

70V or low impedance? Depends on the day. If I’m break-dancing, low impedance. However, when I am speaking with Patrick’s 3D hologram, then high impedance.

Whiteboard or blackboard? Whiteboard, because it brings back memories of some of the best collaboration sessions I participated in.

Acoustic or electric? Electric. I bought my first acoustic in high school and taught myself a few chords watching music videos, however, the musicians in the videos were always playing electric guitars. A good lesson learned was to be happy with what I have, not what I don’t have. However, I still want an electric.