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About Windy City Wire

Windy City Wire has led the way in low-voltage wire innovations since 1994. Their SmartWire products are proudly Made in the USA at their Bolingbrook, IL headquarters. As a vertically integrated organization with exceptional stock nationwide they can quickly meet the needs of their customers. With the ability to manufacture custom cable runs to suit any requirements needed on a project with minimal turnaround times and complete quality control over every step of the process. Windy City Wire is dedicated to developing solutions that generate significant results for their customers and providing comprehensive cable management solutions that save integrators time from concept to completion.

Products and Solutions

Windy City Wire’s patented cable management system increases job site productivity and safety while drastically reducing your labor costs.

SmartWire Cables – Top quality, American Made cables. SmartWire Glide cable lubricant reduces pulling friction by up to 70%. Fast Find Footage markers identify remaining lengths. Cable print legend identifies key features and application.

RackPack Carton – Uniform, consistent packaging. iTags clearly identify product and job details. ID Stickers show gauge, conductor count and jacket color at a glance. Promotes efficiency and safety.

Transportation Devices – Designed exclusively for RackPack cartons. Allows for quick and easy setup and movement of cables from work vehicles, onto and through job sites. Several transporters available for varying project sizes. Promotes efficiency and safety while reducing labor costs.

Cabling Accessories – Extensive product line from valued partners: Neutrik®, 3M, Sentinel, Platinum Tools, Vextra, Xantech, Garvin, TechFlex, Optical Cable Corp. to name a few. Available stock. Ready to ship.


Windy City Wire delivers customer satisfaction and value-added benefits at every stage of the cable management process:

  • Ownership Asset Management tool via SmartWire App
  • Inventory management Bin Labels and Quick Order QR Sheets
  • Custom cable solutions including custom cable constructions, print legend, jacket color or striping
  • Online Tools: Labor Savings Calculator, RackPack Organizer and SmartWire Conduit Calculator
  • Training videos and references
  • Knowledgeable, dedicated Sales Team to service your account


Contact Windy City Wire

386 Internatioanle Drive, Suite H
Bolingbrook, IL 60440