About Shure

Since their first products in 1925, Shure has pursued audio perfection with an uncompromising commitment to innovate and improve product performance. That has meant countless hours of engineering, testing, retooling, and re-testing. All to ensure that when the most important audio moments occur, you can count on Shure to capture them—no matter the environment. From conference room to concert hall, house of worship to house of parliament. It’s this continued drive to offer the highest quality products that has guided Shure’s offerings across install markets. And helped earn Shure a reputation as the most trusted audio brand worldwide.


From simple presentation environments to complex discussion, interpretation and voting system installations—Shure helps you meet the needs of every application. Effortlessly, and with superior sound and functionality.

  • Discussion and Conferencing Systems – Whether you require a basic or feature-rich setup, Shure conferencing and discussion systems provide reliable, high-quality audio.
  • Wireless Systems – Offering a wide range of features and mic options, Shure wireless systems offer unlimited flexibility for any application or budget.
  • Wired Microphones – The President’s podium. Hip-hop and gospel. Network TV. Police radio. Jazz and Blues. Show tunes. Shure wired microphones meet the demands of any application.
  • Personal Monitors – Easy to set up and operate, Shure Personal Monitor Systems put total freedom within reach of musicians at every level. So you can dedicate yourself to the performance, never bound by wires or wedges.
  • Mixers and Digital Signal Processors (DSP) – From automated mixing and feedback control, to broadcast field production and digital signal processing, Shure offers a comprehensive range of mixers that enable you to customize any size sound reinforcement installation with the right combination of features.
  • Headphones and Earphones – Built on professional audio roots, our high-performance personal listening products are designed to take your listening experiences to a higher level.

Service and Education

Shure_3With the unique demands of every install environment, comprehensive support is more critical than ever. From an unparalleled breadth of products at the ready, right down to CAD drawings that simplify the design process, Shure customers can count on everything they need to move from in-development to in-service, faster. And when more know-how is required, Shure’s team of sought-after industry experts can help navigate the challenge. Providing answers, insights, and training to keep everything running seamlessly.


Founded by Sidney N. Shure in 1925 as a radio parts kit supplier, Shure Incorporated has grown to become a world leading audio manufacturer. For over eight decades, Shure has pursued audio perfection with uncompromising commitment. All so people can deliver performances that engage, energize, and inspire—performances that help shape the course of history. When Elvis stepped into Sun Studios and when JFK vowed to put a man on the moon, Shure was there. And they have been on the world’s biggest stages, from Coachella, to the London Olympic Games, to the United Nations, ever since. To view “A History of Shure”, click here.

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