Meet USAV: Brittany Board

During the months of August and September, we will uncover some interesting facts about each person on the USAV team.

Starting out as apart of the PSA marketing team, Brittany Board joined the company in November of 2016. She came from the western apparel and rodeo industry, which is deep in her blood after growing up in Wyoming. She made the switch from PSA to USAV in March of 2019 and has since taken an active role in increasing the marketing efforts for the USAV PMPs. Shortly after assuming her new role of channel marketing manager for USAV, Brittany was named one of Commercial Integrators 40 Influencers Under 40. Outside of work, she spends time riding horses, hunting, fishing, camping and spending time with her growing family.

Acid wash denim or wind suit? Acid wash denim. Unless you have a dead-broke horse, wind suits are never a good idea while riding.

Favorite karaoke song? “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain. It’s actually my husband’s go-to karaoke song and he sang it to me at our wedding after-party.

Slice of pickle or slice of pizza? Pizza, don’t get me wrong, I love pickles, but pizza has more substance to it than a pickle.

Audio or video? Video. Being in marketing, visual content is an important piece to any message and is what catches your attention.

Seriously funny or foolish wisdom? Foolish wisdom, such as squirrels don’t burb.

What A/V Technology do you predict will be all the rage in 10 years? Realistic holograms. Working remote and having group meetings will seem like a scene from Star Wars or Avengers: The End Game.

Who is the most influential person in your life? My grandparents. They lived during extremely changing times in this country, the Vietnam War, the Great Depression and the introduction of technology which completely modified how people function. They always stayed positive and worked hard and taught me that only are you responsible for your actions and that if you want to succeed, you have to work hard to make it happen. The best things in life aren’t handed to you, they are things you work for, both through your efforts and your faith in God.

AV or IT? AV. I’ve always found myself working with AV equipment, no matter what industry or task I’m working on. From live streaming rodeos by patching into in-house audio and video feeds to managing video wall equipment and content for events and in-office displays, AV has been a vital part of my career.

70V or low impedance? …What? I’m a newbie to the industry and know nothing about these. I’m adding it to my education list!

Whiteboard or blackboard? Blackboard. Talk about a throwback! I’d rather deal with chalkboard dust then the smell of the dry-erase markers.

Acoustic or electric?Acoustic. My brother is a very impressive musician and when he busts out the acoustic guitar, it gives me a simple and down to earth feeling. It also reminds me of the nights around the campfire at church camp worshiping and building friendships.