Imminent Disaster  —  The Looming AV Threat

I want you to imagine a 46″ flat panel display. This display is in a staff cafeteria on the 30th floor of an office building. Wall-mounted. It is not an extravagant display, probably 1080p… not even smart (gasp!). You’ve seen one just like it, looping special events and other corporate propaganda. Now I want you to imagine stealing it. This display has a black-market value of, we’ll say for argument’s sake $100… heck, $200 if you are a smooth-talking con. Nevermind the fact that the elevators all have cameras. Disregard that you are on the 30th floor. Don’t worry that you have to pass the security guard who was already skeptical of your “AV” story. You could also choose to set off a fire exit alarm after running down 29 flights of stairs. Lastly, and maybe most importantly, you will undoubtedly walk by 100 other items on your way out the door that are magnitudes smaller and significantly more valuable.